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About E.F.P.

Enterprise Forest Products (EFP), Inc. is a family owned and operated business located near Rhinelander, WI and led by certified Wisconsin Master Logger, Dennis Schoeneck.  The company has been in operation since 1979 and initially consisted of a small hand-cutting crew.  Today, and for the past 16 years, the crew operates highly sophisticated Ponsse cut-to-length harvesting equipment.  EFP strives to exceed all expectations of landowners, forestry professionals and primary markets of the raw materials it produces.           

Our Philosophy

It is the belief of Enterprise Forest Products, and all of its employees, that our role in this profession is to actively promote Sustainable Forestry Practices through our actions, both in our forestry operations and daily living.  Our forests are natural resources that flourish when managed properly and it is our goal to ensure we have the knowledge and skills to do so in an ever-changing environment. 


As evidence of Dennis’ leadership and commitment to this philosophy, he was the 2014 “National Regional Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year” as well as “Wisconsin's 2012 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year”.  He is the recipient of the both the State and National Forest Resource Association's (FRA) "Forestry Activist Award" for 2012.  He was selected as the Einari Vidgrén Foundation “Global Logger of the Year for Forestry Activism” in 2013, which is the first time this award has been given to someone in the United States.  Dennis was a founder - and is still a member - of the Elcho School Forest Committee, sits on the Forest Industry Safety & Training Alliance (FISTA) board of directors, is the chair of the Great Lakes Timber Professional (GLTPA) Coordination Committee, a member of WWOA, and sits on other various forestry-related committees.  (Click Here for a full list of Dennis' involvement in the forestry industry & his community.)


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Enterprise Forest Products Inc.
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