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Forestry Operations

Currently there are three full-time EFP employees who are responsible for forestry operations.  Dennis manages all aspects of the job site and is the primary operator of the John Deere 853M Hot Saw.  Grant Zelazoski is the primary operator of the Ponsse Ergo Harvester  and Troy Schoeneck, is responsible for the Ponsse Buffalo Forwarder operations.   Among other tasks, Dennis and Troy complete roadwork responsibilities with a CAT bulldozer, John Deere skid steer and JCB Excavator before, during and after forestry operations.


Recently, EFP's team has started working closely with McKinney Forest Products, LLC based out of Gleason, WI.  Brian McKinney and his son Cole have become fantastic partners, as we share similar beliefs and strategies when it comes to forest management.

This business relationship has created the opportunity for EFP to expand into chipping biomass with a  Bandit Chipper to the list of forest operations offered.  


All forestry personnel maintain current Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI) training. (SFI ® is a national program that has been put in place to ensure that wood across the country is harvested in a responsible, sustainable manner.) 

Dennis, Troy, Grant, Brian & Cole are in constant communication to ensure that the needs of the landowner, forester, and the land itself are being balanced in the best possible manner.  

Team E.F.P

Pictured Left to Right: Dennis Schoeneck, Grant Zelazoski, Troy Schoeneck, & Toni Engstrom


EFP truly is a family owned and operated business.  While Dennis, Troy and Grant are in charge of forest operations, Dennis’ daughter, Toni Engstrom, handles the business’s bookkeeping responsibilities.  She and Dennis work closely with KerberRose S.C. out of Rhinelander to ensure the business operations are managed responsibly. 


Trucking Operations

EFP relies on Forest Products Transit LLC and U.S. Timber Trucking, LLC to haul the wood produced.  Forest Products Transit LLC (Transit for short) is owned by Dennis as a sister company to EFP. 

Mike Fowler is the owner and operator of U.S. Timber Trucking Trucking LLC, based out of Elcho, WI.    All trucking is completed by conscientious drivers who strive to ensure the wood produced arrives at the mill safely and in a timely manner.    


Each person involved in this process has the knowledge and skills necessary to make this entire operation safe, reliable, and efficient. 

Enterprise Forest Products Inc.
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